While technologies companies keep transforming to “devops” manufacturing, this basically mean foster a cultural, technologies and tools changes. The market vendors offers tools for each station in the development road, from the point of product requirement to the place of delivering code to production, in most cases there is no one universal holistic solution.

Scale development requires strong solution that can gather all the CI/CD data and to produce useful devops performance insights include governance and audits. …

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Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment (stated here for SEO), what are they in my perspective ? I’m quality assurance engineer, “devops” (again, just for SEO) in an enterprise company that develop large scale applications for the Telco market, it is not SAAS products and our software come across long way until they get to a real users.

This talk is about the technicality of the common buzzwords in today software engineering practices, the new challenges and the pitfalls.

So, ( its gone be a long …) we break the monolithic application, moved to micro services (worship Martin Fowler), Dockerized and kubernetizing everything, modeliezed UI parts to NPM, restructured our technology stack, Git for all products assets, adhere unit tests and coverage reports, believe in contract tests, automate integration tests, addicting to Jenkins, hipchating all over, empower teams to “devops” culture, bring coachers to coach other coachers, deploy new “devops” silo team on top of the other silos, computing in the cloud, non-functional tests from day one, static code analysis for code violation/open sources licensing/security breaks, weekly/daily/hourly status meetings, spent millions to get external super experts to tell us what we know and are we ready to go ?


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